Capterra Review : Can you really receive $10 giftcards by simply publishing easy reviews?

A lot of you might have been wondering if capterra is legit or not. This capterra review is going to explain if capterra is a legitimate website and would help you decide if capterra actually pays $10 amazon gift cards per review.

My Capterra review

Capterra say they pay you for every software review you write for them, but exactly how true is this?

We’ll find that out soon in this review of capterra.

What is capterra?

Capterra is a software review marketplace where potential buyers visit, in order to check out recent reviews of products before they pay or make thier choice on softwares and applications.

What apps can be reviewed on capterra ?

Just about any software can be found. Software ranging from church management systems, Content management software, email marketing software, Graphics design software amd so many more.

Some examples of software available for review include WordPress, Mailchimp, Aweber, Trello, Basecamp etc.

Capterra Pros

  • They actually pay☺
  • Huge availability of review oppurtunities
  • Review processes is relatively quick and you don’t have to write lengthy articles.

Capterra cons

  • Payout is only via giftcards i.e amazon giftcards, itunes giftcards or you could to make a donation to charity😑.
  • You only get paid after your review is reviewed by their staff 😑 which can take as much as five days to get your review accepted and finally published and you have to wait for days (usually 5 days or less) before you can get to access your earnings😑.

My capterra earning so far :

So far, i have been able to get 3 of my reviews published do far (out of 6). I’m very sure the three disapproved are because i did not read thier guidelines before going ahead to write my reviews.

I have made $40 by referring other people to join the network .

For each referral that writes a review, i am gifted a $5 bonus along with my referral. You can get your own $5 here

Capterra review : my earnings proof

Capterra review : my earnings proof

Capterra review : my earnings proof

Capterra review : my earnings proof

My Conclusion on capterra

Capterra is as legitimate as it can be. I am of the opinion is that capterra is as good as you make it to be.

What i mean here is that capterra rewards based on your efforts. In other words, what you put in is what you get out.

Publish original and clear reviews and you get paid!.

Join me as we make this dough together folks!

You can sign up for capterra with this link (my affiliate link) and earn a $5 credit from amazon courtesy of easyincomeguy.com☺.

Let’s start a conversion yo! This review of capterra would be a one-sided conversation if i don’t get to hear from you as well😉.

Have you used it before? If yes, how did you find the process?

How much have you earned so far?

If you haven’t used capterra before, are you thinking of registering on the platform?

If you are, do ensure you make use my affiliate link for a $5 bonus on signup (you won’t get that if you sign-up without it😊).


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